It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the attached proof(s) are correct in all areas.
Please be sure to double-check spelling, grammar, proportions, layout and design before approving artwork.

NOTE: The colour of your proofs as they appear on your monitor are only a close representation of the final printed piece.
Colors may vary dependent on your monitor’s settings.
Digital Kangaroo are happy to make your requested changes, however, excessive changes made to the content and layout of a project after the first proof will increase artwork charges and may result in a missed deadline.

If a proof containing errors is approved. THE CUSTOMER is responsible for payment of all original costs of printing, including corrections and reprints.

At Digital Kangaroo we can’t accept Microsoft Word, Publisher or Power Point files as final artwork for printing, PDF’s, high resolution Jpegs or Tiff files please, if you have any questions please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

When using enquiring about our design services we ask for you to provide us with as much information as possible to give us a clear indication of what you may want and to most importantly save YOU money. We can create logos in 2 hours if given plenty of information, or 8 hours if given none!

TEXT AND IMAGES PLEASE When we design leaflets, brochures, etc where possible we ask the customer to supply text and images, even just raw, bulk text in an email or on a USB stick is fine as sadly we are not typists here at Digital Kangaroo and we like most, use the “whirly” one finger technique! so providing text not only speeds things up but most importantly saves you money! don’t worry we will format the text and make it look amazing!

If pictures and images could be as high resolution as possible please, if it looks pixelated on your screen then it will print the same!
FOR EXAMPLE… The average tri-fold leaflet with text and images takes a competent graphic designer 3 – 4 hours to create but that can double if he is asked to source images off the internet or type in the text from scraps of paper!

COLLECTING We are a small local business and of course welcome any new customers we receive, we do however ask all print or signage work to be paid for on collection unless purchased online where you will be charged to complete your order.